About Teddy the Dog Apparel
Learn a little bit about the dog, the myth...

People, I'm a divine canine. A hound of great renown. A pup on the way up, one might say. I love nothing more than making humans laugh. Well, except for bacon. 

My doghouse is full of t-shirts, hoodies, towels, blankets and other gifts that are perfect for anyone with a sense of humor. 

I paw pick only the finest garment-dyed, ring-spun, blended cotton so my graphics come on super vivid colors that feel softer than a puppy's backside.  

All of my apparel is tagless (no itch here) and decorated in the U.S.A., which gives me a lot to wag about.

Did You Know I'm Booked? 

HarperCollins Children’s Books signed me to star in a series of picture books… they promise to be gripping, thrilling, muddy, colorful and funny (duh). The first book is available now online and bookstores near you, and book #2 arrives April 2017 (though it's available for preorder now through Amazon and B&N)!

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Wanna Meet My Humans?

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Lemme tell you a bit about them...

Teddy the Dog (Me): Top dog, leader of the pack, the big cheese, some might say. I bark out orders and watch my humans scurry.


Ted: Thinks he owns the company, but hey, let’s get real: dog is his co-pilot.


Michelle: As my digital marketing guru, she’s always snap facing, twit-a-gramming and using the googler on the internet machine. She’s ok. For a human.


Keri: She translates my barking into a voice that humans can understand and wrote my children’s book series. I taught her everything she knows.


Ivana: My jack of all trades. She keeps everything running in the doghouse. Including me. Even when I don’t want to.  Running. Always running.


Chris: My designer/artist who keeps me looking so doggone good. Though would it kill him to “design” a few pounds off me? No, no it wouldn’t.


Deidra: My analytical number-crunching right brainer. I’m good at numbers too. For example: cats have nine lives. And I’ve only had three in dog beers.


Angel: Runs the total ship show around here! Next time you receive your order, you can say it was sent by an Angel.


Joe: Well, he’s in technically in shipping but spends a lot of time belting out Elvis tunes. He’s actually a very good singer, but we don’t tell him that. Don’t want him gettin’ too big for his britches and all.


Mallory: She’s my college intern that comes in to help from time to time. I offered to homeschool her here in the doghouse. For some reason, she said no.


Alexys: She’s the liaison between my customers and me. You got problems? She’s got answers. Though there’s an upcharge for general life advice.