Shoot! You missed this PICK OF THE LITTER.
But we'll make it up to ya.

DOGGONE-IT! You've reached a PICK OF THE LITTER graphic that has already gone to production. We may have a few extra pieces in our RUNT OF THE LITTER section. You can find it under POTL. But to make it up to ya, how about a *20% OFF code?

This treat is for new sign-ups only. The code will be e-mailed to you right away. Swear to dog, we won't annoy you with e-mails--just great deals and laughs.

Teddy releases two new graphics almost every week. These "PICKS" can be snagged on assorted styles and colors but only for SEVEN days. AFTER the seven day run, orders are printed and shipped and Teddy's on to his next PICK. That's right, you've gotta act faster than a dog's tail in a bacon factory -- or your PICK will disappear like an unattended steak.